Hurricane Ian

As I write this, I’m sitting at my desk at home in southern Brevard County, Florida. I worked from home today (blessed to have that luxury when it is needed), and watched the rain fall most of the morning out of the front window of my home. The rain has been mostly gone all afternoon, but that will change soon.

Hurricane Ian made landfall near Fort Myers Beach late this afternoon. The video footage and photos coming out of the area paint a somber picture of the devastation. In some cases, the flooding – presumably from the storm surge and the immense rain – are as high as the 6 feet, maybe higher. Video has been posted from the second floor of some condos and townhouses showing the entire first floor under water. Others show motor vehicles completely submerged, boats floating down city streets, and even one emergency management response trailer floating in the flood waters.

This is a Monster Storm.

As the storm is now upon us, there is not much left to do but pray and wait for it to pass. The aftermath is going to be heartbreaking. My biggest hopes are these:

  1. No one dies
  2. No one is injured
  3. We all come together to help with recovery, without bias or agenda

Friends, be safe out there, and be good to each other. See you on the other side.