Orlando Camera Stores

My cousin and I are both into photography. We make some photos with digital cameras, but we both seem to enjoy the analog process with film and older cameras even more.

Living on the Space Coast of Florida is great, but there aren’t any good camera stores around. The last one, Southern Photo, closed its doors for good several years ago. I have to drive over an hour to Orlando if I want to find a camera store of any kind.

So when my cousin said he was going to Orlando today to meet someone and suggested we hit up some camera stores, I was all in. Today, we hit three of them.

First stop was Colonial Photo and Hobby. This store has lots of new and used camera, lenses, film, and accessories. They also process film in-house. For folks into model-building and miniatures, the other half of the store is dedicated to hobbyists. I picked up a few rolls of film and some fresh chemistry, then we headed out to the next stop.

For our second stop, we headed to Kiwi Camera Service over on Virginia Drive. These people are awesome. Every time I walk into this place, I feel like I belong here. They are experts with everything film and digital photography. Michael, the owner, is nothing short of a “camera whisperer”. His staff is helpful and knowledgable. Their retail space is a fairly recent addition, and I highly recommend checking it out.

The final camera store for the day was Harmon Photo. This was my first time in the store, and I liked it a lot. They have film cameras, digital cameras, film, and camera accessories. They also do film processing in-house.

If you are in the Orlando area and need a camera store, all three of these places deserve a look. Check them out!