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Do What Matters

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  • Logbook Memories – Cockpits & Cocktails

    Today I published a new episode of Logbook Memories with my cohost Michael Ladd. In this episode, we spoke with Natalie “Fly Girl” Kelley and Fly Allyssa, the two cohost of another aviation podcast, “Cockpits and Cocktails.

    Allyssa and Natalie are both huge advocates for aviation. Their own podcast should also be added to your subscription list.

    Check out their show at or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

    Natalie Kelley on Instagram

    Fly Allyssa on Instagram

  • Roller Coaster Power Slams

    My cousin and I love to ride roller coasters. We are both pass-holders at some of the local theme park. Leading up to one particular trip, he mentioned we were planning to “power slam roller coasters all day long.” Such day trips have been called such thence.

    My kids love rollover coasters as much as I do, and they’ve been begging me to take them on a Power Slam for months. Today, we finally made it work.

    What a disaster.

    As I sit here in line (yes, I’m literally sitting in the queue line) waiting for the next ride – which will be only the third of the day – I am stunned at how packed this place is. The world is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the theme park website is very clear on the current situation and the ways they are mitigating risk.

    • Limiting park capacity
    • Requiring reservations to gain admission – yes, even for pass holders
    • Frequent cleaning and sanitization
    • Hand-sanitizer stations throughout the park
    • Requiring face coverings at all time and in all ares unless actively eating or drinking

    With all of that, I feel safe. But I feel like they missed the mark for limiting park capacity. Is the guest limit any different than it was prior to the pandemic?

    If we get this ride and one more, I’ll be surprised. The kids are still enjoying themselves, and the will remember the day their dad took them on a power slam. But I think we definitely need a do over. Maybe we will take a day off during the week in an attempt to avoid some of these spring crowds.

  • Starting Fresh

    Hi there. I’m David. I used to have a website (it was really just a WordPress blog). The tag line was “The most underutilized guy in aviation social media”, a notion that came from a good friend of mine.

    I’m not sure if that title still applies, but I still love aviation and the social Internet. The Internet community is not going away, and if you want to connect with your audience, you belong on whatever corner of the Internet your people call home.

    My current goal: write more. That starts here and how. I have no idea how long I’ll be able to keep this up, but I can now say I have one post on my site.

    Let’s get after it. Thanks for reading.